Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY teething bling

   I’ve been eyeing Teething Bling ™  necklaces for a while now because I love the idea of chewable jewelry for mums and their babies.  I’m not terribly fond of the idea of Evening chewing on a piece of silicone, food grade or not.  If I was cool enough I’d tie a string around Sophie la girafe ™ and wear her around my neck, but I have serious doubts that I could pull it off.

  Instead, I held on to a spare wooden teething ring (made from untreated maple) and picked up a roll of all-natural hemp twine.  Then I ended up sitting on the idea for a while because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted my necklace to look.  Just because it’s for a baby to chew on doesn’t mean it has to lack in the personal style department.  

Josephine knot
  The other day I stumbled across a tutorial of how to create a ‘Josephine knot’ (you can also find that tutorial here and immediately knew how my teething necklace was going to go.  I love Celtic knotwork and I was absolutely thrilled to learn how to do a knot like this.  It was fairly time consuming compared to other hemp knotting techniques I’ve tried, but I feel it was well worth the extra effort (and Evening was having some Daddy time anyway).

  I’m still playing a bit with the length as my new ginormous milk-filled mammaries definitely don’t need any attention brought to them, but I am more than happy with my end result.  It is functional, completely chewable, happily grab-able for little hands, and it has a chunky eco-warrior flair to it that I am loving.  In fact, I like it so much I’ll probably wear it way past teething time…with an added sentimental aspect to all the little teeth marks the wooden ring will have by then.  Or, you know, be so traumatized by Evening teething that I go into hysterics every time I see it.  We’ll see how it goes.
the finished necklace


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