Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY bird's nest

  I’m currently using this little nest as seasonal center piece (when I can find my table that is).  When Evening is a little bit older I plan on letting her have it as a toy to go with a little stuffed bird I’m making for her.  For now, though, I know she will spend her day chewing on the stick so we’ll keep it out of reach. 

  I used yarn to make this nest, which was something of an experiment.   I’m already excited to try making one out of  natural hemp or twine and incorporating all sorts of twigs and nature-walk finds, more like a real bird would.  

  To make a nest of your own, you will to gather these supplies: 

  •  yarn scraps (or one ball)
  •  yarn needle 
  • balloon
  • one cup of flour 
  • two cups of water 
  • forked stick
  •  2-3 blown-out eggs 
  • your preferred egg dying tools

  First, we will need to make a form for the nest.  To do this, I mixed one cup of flour with 2 cups of water to make a papier-maché type paste.  Then I soaked several feet of yarn in the paste.

  Then, I blew up a balloon, tied it off, and placed it, tie down, into a mug.  Then I took my soaking yarn and wrapped it all about the balloon, leaving lots of gaps and holes so I could weave yarn through them later.

making the nest form
  Then, I let the form dry completely (about a full day).  

  Once it was dry, I popped the balloon and removed any bits that were stuck inside.  

  Threading my yarn needle with a length of yarn, I started weaving it in and out through all the gaps in my form, and kept it up until the form was completely hidden in soft, soft yarn.  You could use one type of yarn only, or you could make a very colourful nest using up scraps from other projects, depending on the look that you think you would like best.

  Once my nest was finished, I attached it to the forked stick I collected from the yard by simply sewing the nest to it with my yarn and yarn needle.  

sew the nest to the fork in the stick
  Then, I filled with some eggs that I had blown out (I just can’t waste food, so we had a tasty omelet), and dyed.  I was hoping for some pretty robin-like eggs but they ended up a little greener than I’d hoped.  Still, green is exactly the colour I’m craving in spring so I like them.

  This will be such a fun project to make one day with Evening to teach her about birds and how they make their homes (we’ll just call that papier-maché mud…)!

  For now, though, it’s nice to have a cheerful reminder that it really is spring even though the snow doesn’t seem to want to let up outside…

  Update:  I’ve finished the little birdie to go with this nest.  Isn’t she fun?  She fits this nest so well I wanted to share her with you in case you’d like to make one yourself.  She is based on this free pattern posted at Lavender’s Blue.  

  I'm linking this project up with the linky parties at A Humble Creation and Sew Many Ways - check them out! 

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  1. This is beautiful! How creative! I may have to give this a try as my little ones love collecting bits of nature on our almost daily walks to the park. A nest like this would be a much better place to store those bits than in my pockets!

    1. thanks Jessica, I must admit my pockets rarely come home empty either...though it isn't Evening filling them yet!

    2. Thanks for sharing this project at A New Creation, Jennifer! It's such a great way to pass down your love of nature to your little one. Have you thought about sharing it at the Wednesday link party at We Made That? It's projects that are all kid related. I think a lot of moms would enjoy your creation!

    3. I didn't know about that link party, so thank you for letting me know! (off to check it out...)

  2. I love this idea! Think of the collection you'll have if you make one every year. I'll have to show Nathan and see if he'd like to make one.

    1. I never thought of that! I'll need a whole tree!

  3. Jennifer-- THAT is genius!! What a cute little nest and the perfect way to use your yarn scraps! I'm thinking you probably don't waste much at your house-/ you are SO resourceful girlfriend!!

    1. Thanks Vicki! This little nest doesn't quite compare at all to your gorgeous nests but it's a fun place for the little ones to start!

  4. OH this is so cool! I have never seen anything like it. Thank so much for sharing on We Made That!

    1. Thanks for stopping and hosting the linky party!


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