Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY no-stitch scarf ~ the Bohemian Fairy Tale

   Vicki at 2 Bags Full announced a year-long event called the Pink Scarf Project a few months ago that I really wanted to take part of.  Only…I don’t knit or crochet.  I saw no reason to let this stop me. 

 The Pink Scarf project is basically an event Vicki is holding to collect hand-made or store-bought pink scarves for donation to victims of breast cancer.   You can read about it here.  It’s like a big, warm hug from the rest of us.  The goal?  To bring a smile to someone's face that is fighting her own battle.

  Someone like this inspirational lady:

          (disclaimer: I don't know this woman, nor do I know what sort of cancer she is fighting.  I do, however, know that she is amazing)

 You can see why I wanted to send a scarf. 

  I contemplated sewing a scarf, but somehow I failed to get thrilled with this idea.  Instead I put the Pink Scarf Project in a special place in my mind with the label “be watchful”.  Because if you’re a creative type of person, something will come up sooner or later if you’re keeping an eye out.  

  The other day I noticed a woman in the grocery store wearing what I can only refer to as a ‘ring scarf’.  Basically, she had tied some shiny lace yarn to a metal ring, that she looped around her head, through the ring, and there let it dangle in all its yarn glory.  Rather than stitching, she was going solely on the beauty of the yarn itself. 

  And it worked.  Oh, it worked.  It was one glamourous scarf.  

  Okay, so glamourous isn’t exactly my style, but I can appreciate it just the same.  And I can definitely use the idea.  

  So can you, and here’s how:

Yarn.  Ring.  Let's do this.
  First of all, you’ll need a ring.   I found some at my local hardware store in many different sizes (I recommend 2” or bigger).   They are actually called “harness rings” and they are quite inexpensive ($1.59 Canadian).  

  Next, you’ll need some yarn.  I fell head over heels in love with some thick and thin multi-coloured yarn I found in the discontinued bin (eek!) at our local craft store.  I grabbed the last two and I knew I had finally had my pink scarf. 
  I didn’t think that the ring was particularly attractive, so I experimented to find a way to hide it.  What finally worked was a variation of braiding.  I secured 3, 2 metre lengths of my yarn to the ring and started a braid, BUT instead of simply putting my yarn into the middle like you typically would, I looped it around the ring once, and then placed it in the middle.  Then I picked up the next length, did the same, and so on until the ring was covered.

  This works very well, but if you can still see a bit of naked ring poking through, just scrunch up the braid to cover it and keep on going.  The scrunching won’t fall out because you are making a ring, after all.  

  Then I cut up my first ball of yarn into roughly 2.6 m (102”) lengths.  Placing the ends of each length together, I found the middle and secured them, at the middle, to my ring with a cow hitch. 

  Once all the lengths were attached, I surveyed my scarf.  At this point, this is what the lady in the grocery was wearing.  But…the yarn seemed to almost beg me to braid it, just a little. 

  So I did.  The super-soft acrylic wool mix glided through my fingers, soft as Evening’s baby hair (I wish there was a way to share this texture with you!)  and the colours and mixture of thick and thin, once braided, was absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn’t stop.

 Next I cut up the second ball of yarn, and for this you’ll need to count, because once you’re braiding, you need to make sure you end with a number of lengths that is divisible by three.  

  The scarf was really speaking to my creativity, a mixture of the softness, the beauty of the braids in such lively and vibrant yellow and pinks, and how it felt like the softest hair…I really hope that whoever receives this scarf can sense something of it and it can bring them some sort of small comfort.  

  I had planned on keeping the ends even, but by the time I was finished, I liked the bohemian, gypsy sort of carefree nature to the uneven ends, so I left them as they were.  We could all use something carefree in our lives.

 Somehow, somewhere in the braiding of this beautiful yarn, I ended up naming the scarf  ‘the bohemian fairy tale’, and I surely hope it adds a touch of fairy tale to the woman that it touches.  

  Do you have some gorgeous pink yarn you don’t know what to do with and like me, you don't knit or crochet?  Why don’t you make a scarf, just like this one, and join up with the Pink Scarf Project?  Click here for more details, or just send it to

"Pink Scarf Project"
311 West Main Street
Grayson, Ky 41143 (U.S.A.)

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  1. So pretty, I love the bright, bold pink colour you used

    1. thank you! I have to admit I really love those colours. I ended up spending a few hours on etsy until I found some more yarn like this to make something for Evening

  2. Jennifer- this is my third attempt to leave a comment-- I'm just having terrible luck here!!!
    Your scarf is beautiful- so creative-- I love love love the colors!! Thank you for this special gift of your heart and hands. I love you for doing this!!


    1. Vicki - I'm sorry you had such trouble but I'm so glad you liked my scarf!
      I wish you a lovely and happy weekend!

  3. It's beautiful Jennifer! I love your creativity that you don't let the simple fact of not crocheting or knitting stop you! I'm also glad to know of Vicki's mission. I somehow missed it. I just took up knitting a month or so ago after watching videos on YouTube. Almost finished with my Project Linus donation and I just picked up some beautiful pink yarn on clearance that a portion of the proceeds went to breast cancer research...double whammy! Now I know what to do with it :)

    1. I'm impressed you learned knitting from youtube! You can learn anything on there. So glad you found Vicki's project in time - now I'm off to check out this Project Linus

  4. Jennifer -- Your scarf is HERE!!! and it is truly magnificent. That must be the most creative and unique scarf I have ever seen. I will admit that I tried it on --(I couldn't help myself!)-- and it is absolutely so funky -- I LOVE LOVE it! OMgosh -- this is going to bring such a smile to someones face. Thank you for all the effort you have put into creating this amazing scarf. I love you!!


    1. Thanks for letting me know the scarf arrived - and I'm so glad you like it. I did wonder if perhaps it was a little too funky so its wonderful to hear that you, too, think it will make someone smile. And thanks to YOU for holding the Pink Scarf Project and putting all this together. We love you!


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