Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crap, it’s a penis

  The following conversation was overheard by a fly on the wall not moments ago…

  “So you might notice a charge on the credit card from the drug store.  I picked up another teething toy for Pumpkin,” I explained.

  Evening’s daddy, on the other end of the line somewhere in Alberta, responded, “You were able to find one there that’s BPA free?”

  “Yeah, it’s made by the same company that makes Sophie la girafe ™.  It’s, um, Sophie’s Handi-capable Cousin.”

  “Is that what we’re calling it?” he asked, sounding rather amused. 

  “Best not.  I’m not really sure what it is.  It doesn’t have arms or legs.  An alien, maybe?”

  “Sophie’s cousin is an alien?”

  “Sophie’s Alien Buddy?”  I offered.


  “Wait, no, I think it’s a mushroom.”  I was confused.

   “Sophie has ‘shrooms?” he asked.

  “Maybe,” I said, squinting at the toy.  “Wait…oh my god it’s a penis.  Crap.”

  I shall call him “Henri le pénis”.


  1. Ehh, I'd just be optimistic and go the mushroom route...LOL love your writing style and this post! Thanks so much for linking up at Finding the Funny!

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Who comes up with these things? Hope she's enjoying it!


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