Friday, August 24, 2012

fairy doors: opening a world of imagination

  Three days ago I came across the idea of faerie doors; little doors nestled into trees, walls, bookshelves, rocks, you name it.  Faeries are taking up residence everywhere.

  I fell in love with the idea right away, picturing dozens of little faerie doors scattered about indoors and out for a certain little girl to discover as she explores her world.  I imagined myself getting up early on snowy days to shovel out the outdoor faerie doors, perhaps capturing a faerie footprint here and there.  The two of us taking casts of faerie footprints in the mud.   Maybe a faerie will take up residence in Evening’s room, complete with a tiny mailbox so faerie and Evening can correspond with each other. 

  My mind started really turning then, imagining all the different sorts of faerie doors that could ‘appear'.

  Later that day I was at my local thrift shop, and in some great act of serendipity, a faerie door was sitting on a shelf looking out at me.  There was no denying a coincidence like that, so of course that faerie door came home with me. 

getting ready for renovations: the original door
  While attractive in its own right, this faerie door had a decidedly urban flair to it which doesn’t quite suit the sort of faerie that a naturemummy tends to attract.  A great split in the top of the door frame also demanded that some renovations must be made before any faerie would be moving in.

  I set to work, first removing the hardware (which Evening’s daddy kindly spray painted to a matching black for me).  The lion door knocker and the door handle are, incidentally, drawer pulls that you might find at most hardware stores if you think a faerie door or two should appear at your own home.  In a pinch, the metal buttons that fasten an old pair of jeans would make a fine doorknob as well, with a small wreath of rosehips threaded together in place of the lion doorknocker.

  Since I am hoping a nature faerie, wood nymph, or dryad, might use this door, I covered the door with a piece of bark that I very carefully peeled from a fallen poplar tree I sought out in the woods.  Once the bark has become slightly mushy it’s surprisingly easy to remove.  To get the door arch properly fitted, I made a quick pattern by pressing a piece of paper into the original door and tracing along the edge with a pencil.  After I had the bark glued to the door and weighted down for a good hour, I set to work on the door frame.

  I used the scales from several pine cones to ‘shingle’ the frame.  This was fairly meticulous and incredibly time consuming so be warned if you’d like to try this yourself.  I used a combination of wood glue and staples to attach my little shingles.  Despite the hard work I am thrilled with the way it turned out.

  Once the glue was firmly set, I re-attached the newly painted hardware, skipping the hinges from the original door since they just didn’t seem to suit the ‘renovated’ door.
renovations complete!  My first faerie door

  My final task is to find the perfect home for my faerie door.  I placed it in the flower garden, attached to my bird bath log as seen in the photo above, but I’ve had a few items go missing from this area and after working so hard on the door I’d hate to lose it.  I found I also enjoyed it tucked behind the curtain on the windowsill of Evening’s room.  I guess we’ll find its proper home soon enough. 

on the windowsill in Evening's room
  My mind is still turning, this time with some ideas for a simpler faerie door from scratch that smaller hands could make on a rainy day, so stay tuned for that tutorial. 

  In the meantime, I’ve a faerie door to install…

    I'm entering this project into Inspiration Avenue's Show and Tell Challenge at this link - head over there and see the other awesome projects that creative types are showing off!  The challenge deadline is Sunday, March 10 2013 at noon EST - check it out and link up your projects!  

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  1. Jenn, I'm thrilled that you joined our Show and Tell post this week. We hope to see more of you at Inspiration Avenue. The fairy door is a delight! I can just see some tiny little girl fingers grasping the knob. My imagination is filled with visions of the faerie folk I might see inside.

  2. This little door is quite beautiful, it was waiting in that thrift shop wato be discovered by you! A wood of filled with little fairy doors now that would be exciting!!!! :)

    1. that's a great idea! I have my work cut out for me...

  3. Great piece of work - and I love how you've positioned it on the window sill. I'd never have thought of that.

    1. I'm now looking for a little footprint stamp to stamp on the sill so it looks like the fairy had dirty feet ;)

  4. Oh wow, this is just so beautiful! I love how you have used the pinecones, such a wonderful idea!
    warm greetings from Holland, xx sas


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