Saturday, October 20, 2012

the ferocious forest gerbil vs the book

  Everyday objects can be threatening, and books can be dangerous.  

  I was reading mine, with Evening happily playing with one of her board books at my side.  

  Suddenly, her shrieks rang out through the room.  Beside her, I cannot see for certain what the problem is.  Her little fist desperately clutches her book and her face contorts with her signature mix of anger and pain.  

  She has closed the book on her finger.

  I quickly come to her rescue and note with irony that her lion book has bitten her. 

  Then I am paralyzed by a vision of Evening developing a fear of books.  Most phobias begin in childhood - I'm sure I read that somewhere.  The treasured volumes that make up the tiny library laying across from her nursery are suddenly her worst nightmare.  I try to imagine a life without books and fail completely.  I would be miserable. 

  Evening brings me back to reality with a happy coo.  I look over to see that she is busily trying to open up her book again, hoping to nom upon its delectable pages.  

  I had no need to worry.  She’s not going to take any nonsense from books.  She bites back.

  That's my little ferocious forest gerbil.

the ferocious forest gerbil wrassles with the book

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  1. Love this!! You have such a way with words and humor. I truly wish we could meet someday. I know we would have a blast!


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