Saturday, March 9, 2013

the day I dyed her blue

  I’m always on the lookout for new activities that Evening can try.  Lately it seems like I’ve been seeing a lot about water play.  It looks like messy, delightful fun, so I’ve been collecting the ideas for outdoor summer play.  

  Then I came across another set of activities involving water play and learning colours.  There were yellow bathtubs, shaving cream paint, and it looked oh so wonderful.  

  I had to try it.  

  I turned the heat up just a little in the house and retrieved a shallow dish that I added a few drops of blue food colouring and water to.  I placed an old blanket and a towel on the floor, a few blue blocks into the water, a wooden spoon, and then I added a green cup because apparently I forgot all about the colour lesson. 

   I set it down and Evening immediately crawled over to investigate, with Crookshanks the cat hot on her tail.  To my complete amazement, this tiny dish of coloured water held her focus for 45 minutes straight.  As if that wasn’t shocking enough, it held Crookshanks’ for 30.   

  She took the blocks out of the water, one at a time, and then put them back in, over and over again.  She stirred it with the wooden spoon.  She tasted the blue water on the wooden spoon.  She attempted to feed it to Crookshanks with the wooden spoon, breaking out into giggles as he playfully batted it away.  

  I chuckled, because she was so quickly turning blue.  Her hands, her feet, and all around her mouth, blue.  

  When she was done playing, I peeled off her clothes to put her in the bath, smiling to see blue streaks  all over her.  Then I proceeded to wash all that blue off so we could go for our walk and run our errands.

  The blue did not wash off.  

  I scrubbed harder.  Evening protested harder.  

  Maybe if I just let her soak for a while…

  No luck.  She was blue.  Smurfin’ blue!

 Somehow these other blogs neglected to mention that this play would dye my darling girl…did I use too much food colouring?  Is there some latent smurf DNA in our family tree?  Was Crookshanks going to turn into Asriel?  

  I had no idea.   I did have some vague idea that Evening’s daddy probably wasn’t going to be very impressed with my awesome mothering skills when he got home in seven hours or so.  

  I decided to cancel the errands and stay home for the rest of the day.  Sometimes, when one is blue, staying home is best.  

  As for Evening, she did not notice.  She continued playing with her toys as though she didn’t match the sky, or have a mummy who just got yet another nomination for the Worst Mother on the Planet.  She also let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t be scrubbing her face anymore.

  I decided that I might as well adopt her nonchalant attitude, “Pfffft!  So what if I’m blue.  We all come in different colours and I just happen to be blue today.”
  As the day wore on the blue gradually wore off, and much to my delight, she was barely even tinged with blue when her daddy arrived home.  

  Just the same, I doubt very much we’ll be making blue water again anytime soon. 
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  1. I almost peed my pants laughing... blue I guess is just as good a color as any other but still, good thing Daddy didn't see it - men do seem to lack the sense of humor gene when it is needed most! lol! Sounds like all involved had a lot of fun!
    Beth P

    1. LOL - he is usually the funny one, actually, as long as his work day went well! We did have lots of fun and we'll definitely remember this day!

  2. lol oh goodness! Hmmm How many drops of blue did you use? When we do our themed baths I put about 5-8 drops of food coloring and it has never stained my children's skin. However, when we do water sensory bins in a small container, I usually only put 1-2 drops of water. So far no stains. Although I'm sure the darker colors pose more of a staining potential. Glad it wore off soon enough though :)

    1. LOL - I must have used about 12 drops in a very tiny amount of water! Hahaha, love it, so funny that you ended up reading this post! Oh well at least we get a good story out of it

  3. Hilarious! "Sometimes, when one is blue, staying home is best" Love it! On my watch one day my two oldest got a hold of a permanent black marker and a yellow highlighter and drew "tiger stripes" all over each other's faces and arms (they were 4 and 2 at the time). It would not wash off! We were supposed to eat dinner out that night, but my husband was too embarrassed to take them out that way, so poor mom had to cook.

    1. oh no! That sounds like something my brother and I would have done, though it is too bad you missed your dinner out!

  4. I love it! Poor thing looks like a lollipop attacked her. St Patrick's Day is just around the corner, hide the green!

  5. A funny post I can really relate too. I dyed my little fella purple using shaving cream and food colouring in the tub. I used my very good gel colouring and didn't think, a little goes a very long way. The worst part of this story is he fell in the tub the next day and bonked his head pretty hard. I was worried if we had to take him to the hospital they would think the purple was bruising. Lesson learned. Found your blog through I Like Beer and Babies!

    1. LOL Tawnya, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I guess I'll keep that in mind if we ever consider making shaving cream paint as well! I certainly the purpling has gone down a bit by now ;)


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