Tuesday, June 25, 2013

simple DIY play broom

   Evening loves playing with my broom.  She pretends to sweep, she walks around with it, she talks to it, and lately she's been wanting to play outside with it.  The problem with that is how much she wants to sweep things like mud puddles.

  In an effort to save our house broom, I decided to make Evening her own little play broom.  While there are lots of tutorials out there on how to make a proper broom from straw; this isn't one of those.  This is just a note on how to make a quick little broom for some outdoor fun.  
  You will need: a stick, a generous handful of some tall grass, scissors, and a bit of string/twine/etc.  A child old enough to use scissors could easily make this themselves.

   First of all, lay out your grass and place your stick in the middle.  You want to place a knot or fork from your stick into the grass so the grass doesn't just slip off.  If need be, do trim your stick so one of these is near the bottom.  

  Wrap the grass around your stick and secure with your bit of twine above the knot or fork on your stick.  Tie a tight knot and there you go - you've got a broom!  

  Evening had lots of fun 'cleaning' the yard and she loved the swishing noise the broom made as she shook it about. 

  It also makes a great palm tree when it's upside down!

  The six-year-old girl that lives next door immediately fell in love with Evening's broom when she came over to play.  No sweeping for her, though, she held an imaginary quidditch match instead!   

  Apparently, with the right broom the possibilities are endless, which leads me to think that I should be having a lot more fun sweeping the kitchen than I have been...

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  1. Fantastic! I love it

  2. Now isn't that just simply brilliant! I must do that!!!! My son would be in love with it...I can just see him now slapping it into mud puddles! Oh and I tried your play dough recipe and it rocked! The best play dough ever!!!

    1. in all honesty Nicole, I made two so I could sweep into mud puddles with her! It was epic!
      So glad you had fun with the play dough recipe! It's definitely one for sharing!

  3. What a sweet idea! My kids love sweeping with my broom, too. I did end up buying my 4 year old her own play broom on her first or second birthday...but I guess it wasn't the same. She still wanted mine! This one looks like fun, though :)

    1. There is something about someone else's broom, isn't there? Now if only I could get her to sweep messes into the dust pan I'd have it made!

  4. I love this idea - so creative. I included it in a post today on how to make frugal play cleaning toys. More on that, and how I turned a Swiffer into a frugal toy, here: http://hintmama.com/2013/12/13/todays-hint-a-frugal-play-sweeper-for-your-little-helper/

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